School Trips Minibus in Oxford, Coach Hire

Oxford is an excellent venue for all sorts of children activities as it can provide a wonderful mix of educational insight as well as hands on activities as well. These include the bates collection of Musical Instruments which can offer a cast array of musical instruments and these are in the region of well over two thousand. There are also well over two thousand books and it can be said that the collections on offer are awe-inspiring.

The University of Oxford Botanic Gardens can be looked into for a good experience and they offer many plants in gardens. There are also many collections of various monuments made by amateur artists. The collection of plants span over three different sections and the number of them on display comes to a staggering seven thousand.

At Oxford Minibus and Coach Hire we can provide safe transport for all children school visits and all of our vehicles are equipped with child safety and disability friendly features.

There are various other sites and these include the Hinkley Outdoor Pool, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford Castle, Science Oxford Live, Museum of the History of Science and also the Oxford River Cruises as well.